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Want to See The Formula Share Code II


Also called: Steps to Six Figures Formula:
 View Here .
Share Code: 752201-TheFormula  

PLS Autoresponder (22 Messages): 
Share Code: 

The "Formula For My Success" Welcome Page
View Here .
Share Code: 

The CLUB Share Code: View Here . Share Code: 752201-CLUB  

Advertising Crash Course: View Here .
Share Code: 752201-advertisingcrashcourse 

Best Safelists (Downline Builder):
View Here .
Share Code: 752201-downlinebuilder

Cash Now Funnel Sales Page (SP1) for PLS : View Here .
Share Code: 

Fire Your Boss Splash Page for PLS
(This is Albie's version of it. This version can be connected
to opt-in form that can be assigned any email campaign.

To get PLS version, go to Getting Started Tab
/ The Easy Button / Fire Your Boss Funnel
and set up from there). To see this version: 
View Here .
Share Code: 

Fire Your Boss Opt-in Page  for PLS
(This is Albie's version of it. This opt-in

form can be assigned any PLS email campaign: View Here .
Share Code: 

Fire Your Boss Sales Page for PLS : View Here .
To build this page in PLS go to: "Websites" tab /Manage sub-domains/ go down
and create your own sub-domain / Click button for: "use existing webpage from our library" /
then scroll way down to subheading: "Bypass Lead Capture Page" and 
choose "Fire Your Boss funnel". Then press
save at bottom of page
and your link will come up. 

For Promoting Safelists & Mailers:


FAFY Splash page. View here . Share Code: 
FAFY Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-fafyopt 
FAFY Welcome page. View here . Share Code: 752201-FAFYformulawelcome

For Referral Frenzy: 


Referral Frenzy Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-98referralFrenzysplash

RF Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-referralfrenzyopt

RF Training page. View here . Share Code: 752201-RFformula4


Freedom Arch RF Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-Freedom-Arch-Splash

Freedom Arch RF Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-Freedom-Arch-Opt

RF Training page. View here . Share Code: 752201-RFformula4


For EuropeanSafelist: 

ES Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-Europeansplash1 

ES Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-Europeanopt1  

ES Welcome page. View here . Share Code: 752201-FormulaforEuropean
For Elite List Builders: 

ELB Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-elitelistbuildingsplash1

ELB Opt-in page. View here . Share Code:  752201-elitelistbuildingopt1

ELB Welcome page. View here . Share Code: 752201-ELBformula

For AEMailer: 


AEM SOLOS 2 Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-AEMSolosB 

AEM Opt-in page. View here . Share Code:  752201-AEMSolosBopt 

AEM Welcome page. View here . Share Code: 752201-AEMformula3  



See #2 & #3, plus all additional Share Codes HERE

Promoting "500 Free Promo Codes" & PMS

PMS Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-GIFGIRLSPLASH

PMS Opt-in page. View here . Share Code:  752201-giphygirlopt  

PMS Directions page. View here . Share Code: 752201-ProsperityDirections

Promoting the Advertising Formula
as lead magnet

Traffic Treasures Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-piratesplash

Traffic Treasures Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-traffictreasuresopt2

The Advertising Formula Welcome page View here .
Share code: 752201-StartingAdvertising 

Promoting The Cash Now Funnel on Safelists:
The Advertising Monster Funnel.

Monster Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-monster

Monster Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-monsteropt 

CNF Welcome page. View here . Share Code: 752201-CashNowClub

Promoting The Secret of the Big Dogs


Red Car Splash page. View here . Share Code: 52201-redcarsplash

Red Car Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-redcaropt 

 Secrets of the Big Dogs Welcome page. View here .
Share Code: 


FAST Red Car Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-Fast-Red-Car-Splash

FAST Red Car Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-Fast-Red-Car-Opt

 Secrets of the Big Dogs Welcome page. View here .
Share Code: 


Promoting The Free Lead System (FLS)


Don't Get Stuck in Traffic Splash page. View here .
Share Code: 752201-Dont-Get-Stuck-Traffic
*Set up this page similar to an opt in page

No need of an opt in page 

 FLS Welcome page. View here .
Share Code: 


Coming Soon...

Promoting The Advertising Crash Course


Ad Crash Course Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-adcrashcoursesplash

Ad Crash Course Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-adcrashcourseopt

Advertising Crash Course Welcome page: View Here .
Share Code: 752201-advertisingcrashcourse 


Want More Traffic Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-wantmoretraffic  

Want More Traffic Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 52201-moretrafficopt   

Advertising Crash Course Welcome page: View Here .
Share Code: 752201-advertisingcrashcourse 

Promoting the Formula directly (Paradise White)

The Paradise White 4 Splash page 1. View here . Share Code:  752201-paradise4formula
Paradise White 4 Opt-in page 1. View here . Share Code: 752201-paradisewhite4opt

The Formula Welcome page: View Here .
Share Code: 752201-TheFormula 

Promoting Rosina's Elite AdExchange

Elite AdExchange Splash page. View here . Share Code: 752201-EliteAdExchangeSplash

Elite AdExchange Opt-in page. View here . Share Code: 752201-EliteAdExchangeOpt 

Elite AdExchange Welcome page: View Here .
Share Code: 752201-EAEformula

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Start Advertising Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code:  752201-start-advertising

Ad Set-up Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code: 752201-Ad-Setup

Clicking Faster For Credits Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code: 752201-clickingforcredits

PLS Tracking Your Links Training
Share Code: 752201-PLS-Tracking-Training 

PLS Autoresponder Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code: 752201-PLS-autoresponder-setup

Email Copy Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code: 752201-email-copy

A Success Story Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code: 752201-Success-Story

If You're Not Succeeding Training Share Codes HERE
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PLS Better Delivery-rate Training Share Codes HERE
Share Code: 752201-deliverability-rate

Join Our Team & Access our Splash Pages Funnel:
 See page: 
Share Code: 752201-Join-Our-Team-Access-Splash

Our Scripts page
(to help you connect with your subscribers)
See page

The SECRET: How to Get More Sales
See page HERE . Share Code: 

$0 - Millionaire See page HERE


Here is an additional pic by pic training how to set up
share codes
in PLS

Want to See The Formula Share Code II


Setting up Your Funnels

Watch each video to know
how to set up the share codes above.
Once you see how
to make one funnel, it's easy to repeat for the next.
Once you learn this, you will have learned some real skills 
that will take you far in PLS.

Setting up Your PLS Autoresponder Emails.
14 mins.

Setting up The Formula.
25 mins.

Setting up Your Welcome Page.
10 mins.

Setting up Your Opt-in Page.



Setting up Your Splash Page.
13 mins.


Strategy of the Formula System:

The strategy of the Formula system is to promote safelists to gain
subscribers and initial earnings.
 Learning how to build a connection with
your subscribers will allow you to bring in new members and more
backend earnings
(with PLS and other affiliate programs you join).

First of all there are some specific destinctions
about our method. First off it works with the 5 Critical Skills as shown:

1. Critical Skill #1: Learning effective advertising. 
This is learning which safelists and mailers will give you the most 
conversions both in getting subscribers and paying members.
is also about learning how to use the tracking in PLS to see 
where your hits and subscribers are coming from. 

2. Critical Skill #2: Learning effective capture page making. 
This is learning how to start off using pre-made capture pages 
and then learning how to make capture pages from share codes in PLS.
Eventually, you will want to learn how your create your own capture pages
using PLS. You can then take "the bull by the horns" so to speak, and learn how to get 
many more subscribers then you will ever get using "made for you"
capture pages. 

3. Critical Skill #3: Building an effective mailing list. 
This is how to learn to use your advertising knowlege
and your capture page skills in getting lots of subscribers each day
and building your list really big inside PLS (eventually into the thousands). The
more people on your list, the more 'action' you will get and the more
people responding to your ads, your sales pages, your funnels
and your email campaigns

4. Critical Skill #4: Building effective communication with your list. 
This is the art of learning how to create "know, like and trust" with your 
email list that you're building.
 If you have a big list but don't know how 
to communicate with them, then your list is all in vain!

Communication begins from the very beginning when your potential
subscriber is viewing your capture page. They may see your picture on 
your capture page or feel your energy in the words on the page. 

After they add their name and email (opting in to your page) and go
to your sales page, they will see your picture and read your words about the
safelist or offer you're presenting them. They will then see your story
and the ups and downs you've had and how you've finally begun to
have success.
 Your Formula link should be included at the end of your story so
that just in case they're looking for a business where they will get 1:1 help
like what you offer, they can join you here. 

It's important to realize that with Safelists and mailers, that most people 
already have their own business and are primarily looking for 
more effective advertising methods to reach more people about their offers.

So for that reason if you show them good safelists and free
promo codes that will give them the ability to advertise their 
business, then they are very likely to join

This pic shows how many free members I brought into our Safelist
and how often one of them would upgrade to become a paid member.

And the Safelist or mailer will most likely have effective ads
that will encourage many to upgrade to a paid level so they
can earn credits with much less work and effort. 

For this reason, less effort is needed in creating 
"know, like and trust"
 . They are often given enough
reason to pay and upgrade from the safelists ad they see and
from your encouragement in the welcome page. 
So in this way, you will have a higher chance of creating a
sale (without them actually communicating with you via email). 

However, this is only the beginning. They should be 
receiving your emails and getting to know you a little
better each day. They should be also encouraged to
the "call to action" at the end of your emails to 
reply back to you and find out more about
joining your business.
 In this way, you have 
two ways to reach your audience. One through
giving them what they want (traffic) and the second
from getting to know you more personally. 

Eventually they should respond to one of your 
autoresponder emails and reply back to you.
your email back to them should share the ups and 
downs of your journey working online as well as 
how your mentor is helping you to begin 
having success. 

Their reply to your first call to action 
will enable you to reply back to them with a second 
call to action to see if they really want to join you.
If so, then on the second reply, you can send them
your affiliate link so they can join you. In our case,
you can send them your "Formula" link (with your links 
attached inside), so they can either join you at the free level
or paid. 

5. Critical Skill #5: Effective Funnel building. 
This is learning how first to use this funnel effectively
and then how to build your own if you like. PLS has all the tools
to help you build whatever funnel you're thinking of or to share
this funnel or any others with your members. 

Having Vision!

The essence of this funnel is as follows:

1) Promoting Safelists/mailers

2) Bringing your members to a sales page / welcome page
that gives a free promo code so they can join that safelist
and then have the ability to advertise more. It also explains the
benefits of that safelist. 
If they want, they will join the safelist
and possibly upgrade and give you your first source of income

3) This sales page/welcome page should also have your 
story in it and give them a reason to connect with you.
If your story and offer is interesting to them, they will click the link
to the "Formula" you've added at the end of your story. 
They may or may not decide from there to join your business.
This has the potential to give you your second source of income.

4) Then your autoresponder emails should effectively connect
with your list and encourage responses. This will bring people 
to respond to you and encourage interaction between you
and them and ultimately create "know, like and trust".
will bring more sales if you honestly want to help people. 
This will be the third potential income source.  


I hope this helps to explain the idea clearly. Of course,
the Formula also gives one the ability to earn their way up the "income ladder"
and join you in one program at a time or just go to the top of the pile by taking the $1 trial of 
PLS and jump to Step 10. If they're serious in Step 10, then they will fill out as many
 links in Steps 1-10 as possible, (even if just a free member) thus growing your 
team in FAFY, LeadsLeap, ELB, GDI, PMS, as well as PLS (and potentially all the 
links in Ellie's blogs - as well as the links and safelists in ELB too). 
I think this gives a fair way of progressing to those who have money as well as to 
those who don't and give you deep pockets of earning from many things. If this 
wasn't enough, the training "Steps to Six Figures" is inside Step 1 too and allows 
everyone the chance to become a leader here, learn real marketing skills, get guidance
and personal help from their team leader as they go through each of the Steps to Six Figures
and buy or earn the leader's team page with links inside that their team can click 
on and join them in even more programs there. This is how I get new members all the time
 in the Big Dogs program, BABO, and many others. 
I hope this helps explain all the benefits and strategies of the Formula! 


 The Full PLS Training:
"Take the Challenge".

Success is all based on learning

If you're SUCCEEDING, it's because ultimately
you're understanding the fundamentals (the 5 Critical Skills).

It will change everything for you!
It took us five years just to discover what these skills were
from a seven-figure mentor. You will not be disappointed if you 
focus on learning them and begin to master each of them.

It will only take you a fraction of the time it took us to learn these as
you have us here to help you! And you don't need to run around in the 
dark for years just trying to figure out what they are!

PS: Please email me if you need help! :)

Skype: Albion Derbyshire
Facebook Messenger: Albion W. Derbyshire


Learn the Fundamentals + Everything
about PLS at our Team
Training Below: 


Challenge One will teach you all the basics about PLS. ..........................

Challenge Two will teach you how to begin implementing the................
5 Critical Skills using PLS.

Challenge Three will teach you more advanced skills using the................
5 Critical Skills (in PLS).

Challenge Four will teach you tons of our advanced SECRETS using the
5 Critical Skills (in PLS).

To Your Success! 


We look forward to working with you! 



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